Saturday, December 21, 2019

An Analysis Of Wuthering Heights - 1688 Words

The role of women in the world of literature has typically taken a back seat to that of men. However, the women in the stories of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Medea by Euripides don’t easily compromise to the bidding of their male counterparts. In both stories, before any female took the initiative to go against a male individual, women were oppressed, influenced, and culturally subjected by the actions of the male populace. There is a clear and distinct mistreatment of women in the two texts, however it serves to better improve their advancement as it is in their backlash and resistance towards male disposition that causes them to become culturally revolutionary and significant. Although a handful of characters primarily†¦show more content†¦After experiencing a good amount of torment at the hands of Heathcliff, Isabella decides to flee to London where she raises their child, Linton, for about a decade. In doing this Isabella prevents, or rather prolongs, an y harm Heathcliff could do to the child. Moreover, prior to Isabella running away with Heathcliff, Catherine warns her about his questionable morality to which Isabella denies and claims, â€Å"I love him more than ever you loved Edgar†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (102). Here, Isabella is essentially defending herself and not letting Catherine coerce her, which conveys a headstrong and uncompromising attitude about her character. In addition, when hearing Heathcliff, a physically imposing and menacing figure, belittle her brother Isabella retorts and criticizes him saying, â€Å" Catherine and Edgar are as fond of each other as any two people can be! No one has a right to talk in that manner, and I won’t have my brother depreciated in silence!† (148). This quote basically displays the amount of courage that Isabella has. Heathcliff could have easily punished her for speaking out against him, which she was most likely aware of. Yet she disregards this notion and says her piece regar dless of any possible disciplinary measures that could have followed. In performing all of these actions, Isabella displays a â€Å"beat to your own drum† mentality and a great sense of independence, rebelliousness, courage, and charity. She seems to

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