Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Critical skills assignment Essay

Centuries ago, there lived a couple who never ran out of stories to tell to the whole village. The only time these pair of talkative shut their mouths was during their bedtime. The moment their eyes opened and saw the bright morning sunshine greeting them â€Å"a blessed morning,† the husband and his wife would start a loud and scandalous day. It was their pastime to lounge around the plaza to catch the afternoon breeze while continuously exchanging quips, ideas, and sweet nothings. One day, the husband challenged his wife to a duel to determine who the best storyteller is. The townsmen gathered in a humid and breezy late afternoon to watch the first narrative match to happen. People from different corners cheered and bet who would win. While the King was starting to fall asleep, he overheard the noise in the town. He thought that it was a massive revolution against his monarchy. He grabbed his blood thirsty sword and rode a horse. Meanwhile, the match was about to begin. Each contender was given three minutes to do their best. Husband started to narrate of the lies, gossips and rebellions he knew happening around. So engrossed in storytelling, husband disregarded the timer’s bell. Wife felt very upset and angry to his husband that she started narrating her piece to the crowd also. They were so enthusiastic to narrate both factual and fictitious stories that the couple did not notice the King was fast approaching. The King heard of the subversive topic spreading around the audiences. He commanded his horse to leap and reach the sky while the King took out his sword and slain the couple. In addition to protect his empire, he ordered his subjects to cease their learning process and writing skills. The King concluded that learning and writing will make stories easier to convey, therefore planning against his rule is more possible. Posters flooded every corner of the town saying: Big Bad Storyteller Monsters Die! 32773168_Critical skills assignment 2 He was afraid to be kicked out of his throne in the near future so he planned to make the people dumb. Days passed by and everyone in the village seemed to be mute. No one uttered a word, not even a whisper to his neighbor. Even the King was dumbfounded of what he experienced: no one talked to him as well. Letters were extinct, books were charred, street signs were erased, labels were torn out—the town is dead. Sorrow rose from the ground and crept through every villager’s vein. Every minute the law was implemented, the village was smashed next to nothing. It died a natural death. Stories fuel the world to rotate and to revolve around the universe. It is in every corner of our creative minds and minimal territory. The interconnected flow of ideas in conjunction with different mental images will be found everywhere. A simple dialog over the telephone is a story. The chaotic Saturday night in New York is another story. Your baby sister crying over a piece of candy is an additional story. People have always a series of ideas in their head of what they want to do, who they wanted to see, what made them happy, etc. Stories can be personal tales and life experiences of a person, printed literary narratives, folk stories and myths, religious, spiritual and supernatural phenomena.

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