Monday, February 10, 2020

Globalization and Healthcare Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Globalization and Healthcare - Assignment Example The research paper â€Å"Globalization and Healthcare† highlights the importance of the healthcare policy as a general aspect in nursing. Nursing as a career offers a wide range of options, hence allowing nurses to work in a variety of settings such as in the emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, voluntary counseling centers in the military as well as in the schooling institutions and work places. This means that nurses are needed everywhere since they can work within any organization which does not need to be a hospital. The nursing career also offers a variety of roles that nurses can take, which includes anesthetists, midwifery, practitioners, researchers and educators. The nursing career offers one a chance to venture into entrepreneurship by starting personal clinics after receiving the Registered Nursing License. It is essential to ensure that the policy of the country of practice provides a flexible environment to ensure easy application. Health care administration invol ves taking care of the sick whether from home or from long term community placement. Health care administration is more of a calling than a career; this is because health care providers deal with different types of patients ranging from pediatrics to the psychics in mental hospitals. Health care providers watch over these patients and give them the care that they need by ensuring that they have taken their medication and that they are comfortable. It is critical though to look at health care administration from a career perspective.... My concept of nursing is that all patients should access medical attention regardless of their financial statuses. This is a concept that advocates for caring of the family members of the patients since they play a vital role on how the patient will respond to treatment and medication. The policy of a country may state otherwise. The verdict may be to treat only patients that are able to pay or the ones covered with insurance schemes. As nurses help patients through recovery, they are offered a unique chance to adapt and grow professionally (Dutton, 2007). This is undertaken with reference to the rules and regulations that are placed at the setting. The policy of a country requires understanding the religion aspects to be considered as one handles patients. Nursing requires an understanding of health belief systems that are carried by people from different cultural backgrounds. A nurse is likely to meet a patient from different cultures. Caring for the patient requires an analysis of what health systems the patient perceives, and how will the patient react to the health system (Dutton, 2007). Religion as an aspect of culture is highly variable. In nursing, one is required to understand the different religions and what policies they hold in relation to health care. Language is also an aspect of cultural diversification. It is indispensable to ensure that a nursing student communicates with given patients that he or she will be giving care. Many cultures across the globe hold different beliefs, some of which go as far as defying medical reasoning. In nursing, one is likely to meet a patient who holds such beliefs and the ability to handle such a patient determines the outcome of the patient (Dutton, 2007). The policy of the country may refer to cultural

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